The Lovely Bones ***

First of all, yes I did read the book the Lovely Bones,and I really enjoyed that book. So I already knew what the movie is about and how the story goes. With that said I also heard many bad things about this movie from many people who saw it, but did not read the book. In a way I felt having read the book would make a difference.

The Cast is good, Even Mark Wahlberg, whom I am not a fan of, is great in this movie. Saoirse Ronan whom plays Susie is also great, and Stanley Tucci as the villain is great too he really gave me the creeps.

The story is of Susie Salmon a 14 yr old girl whom  is killed by a neighbor. From that point on Susie see from her heaven her family going through the grief of her lost. The trailers make the movie seem as if it’s a thriller. They make you think that the family goes on to try to find whom killed their little girl. Which does not happen. This is a movie about dealing with the lost of some one you love very dearly. From both ends from the living and from the dead.

What hurt the movie the most is the flow of the story telling. The movie does an excellent job trying to duplicate the flow of the book.  The problem is that the flow of the book is choppy, and seeing it on-screen shows the imperfection of the story itself.  The book takes place in span of years, while for me the movie seems to span just months. The times when Susie see he loved ones through her heaven are weird, and don’t make much sense, much like the book. The supporting cast is forgettable, and that hurts me because those side stories were the ones that make me enjoy the book the most.

It’s a hard movie to recommend, and for me its a hard movie to hate. It’s worth the $1 rental, for its forgettable story. Or even better read the book, skip the movie. Three stars out of five.

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