I Love You, Man. **

After seeing this movie I really feel this movie was not made for me. Sure I laugh, and I did see it all the way to the end. It was not easy. I took me about four days to see this movie. I would see about five minutes of it at a time, and I would stop it because I just didn’t find it that enjoyable. The cast is great, The story is so so. For me the problem is that I found most of the characters a bit annoying. I also feel this is just issue with me. It’s hard for me to care about characters when I find them annoying.

The Story is of a guy after proposing, finding out  he does not have a best friend to be his best man. Paul Rudd stars as the guy, I can’t remember his name, whom is looking for best friend. Jason Segel plays, also can’t remember, The best friend.  While their misadventure are amusing For me I would like to see more what makes either guy a good friend, not just why each one is weird.


Shes the main reason why I finished watching this film

It got to the point that the reason I was watching the film was to see Rashida Jones whom plays Paul Rudds character fiance.

While I Love you,Man was not a film I enjoyed i can see that for many out there it will be a great rental. If you like dumb buddy comedies, this is good film to rent. Two stars out of Five.

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